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I grew up in South Western Ontario, London to be exact - and there inherited from my father the passion to build things with my hands.  I watched my father repair and restore automobiles in his business and build his beloved model railway with scenery in his man cave.  There wasn't anything he couldn't build and everything he did was with excellence.   Our home was filled with the tools and materials of a craftsman and my brother and I as children had access to these.   They were our toys more than any other thing.  Building and creating were a natural part of our lives.   I received my first paint set from my father and I will always remember the sound of delight and approval in my father's voice whenever he saw me making something.   I enjoyed art classes in school showing a natural aptitude, winning some awards, and being selected for special projects. 

In 1994 and the years following, I had a series of life changing encounters through what became known as the Toronto Blessing.  During those years my creative gifts came to the forefront and I was involved many times with other inspirational artists, first through dance, and in later years through visual art in a number of different and interesting ways that have incorporated all the areas of gifting, skill sets and passion that lie within me.  In 2007, after years of dabbling with water colours I had the thought to try acrylics.  From the very first painting, something inside me said "YES!"  And not only inside me, but inside those next to me who were seeing my work and purchasing it hot off the press.  Since then I have not looked back. 

I am thankful for the encouragement of many mentors in different areas of my life.  Most recently, I have been inspired by Matt Tommy and his Created to Thrive mentoring group.  I am also grateful for my fellow artists at the QEPCC studio three within the Oakville, Canada arts community and for the Town of Oakville itself for their vision and support of artists by providing superlative facilities for public use.

So whether it was the creative projects and tools of our family home, the encouragement, opportunity and recognition of others in my faith community; the "chance" of moving to a community that liberally supports artists; the chance encounters with those who valued the worth of my creative expressions or provided further encouragement and confirmation I was on the right path, it all came together in me to inform my artwork and inspirational aesthetic.


It is my joy to share my work with those who fully embrace this idea of inspirational art in their homes or workplace.  Whether their taste is traditional or modern they connect strongly with a visual expression of inspirational messages that are dear to them.  I seek those who value beauty and the creativity that flows out of a deep place, who understand that bringing such pieces into their home and workplace will create a life giving atmosphere that will nourish and inspire them for years to come. 

Art is a conversation with the artist


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