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Clean, borderless, vibrant glass like surface acrylic wall prints feature light refracting effects that brighten and enrich the image colors and subject matter. The perfect choice for brilliant images.






    Our facemount to acrylic process is like nothing else being offered on the market today. The facemount to acrylic process enhances vibrant colours, accentuates clear crisp details, and adds a three dimensional look second to none.




    Each image is printed using a genuine smooth gloss paper designed specifically for the facemount process. The print is then mounted between framing grade acrylic and a protective backing where a recessed frame is applied for hanging, literally giving the impression that the artwork is floating off the wall.


    UPGRADE for even greater clariity and vibrance with a metallic high-gloss surface which is stunning when used with our Facemount to Acrylic process.  It produces vibrant colour with exceptionally sharp details.




    Premium DiBond Back

    Our premium DiBond backing is an archival aluminum composite sheet. It gives tremendous rigidity to your artwork and has a high end look and feel. As with our standard Sintra backing we mount a recessed frame for hanging.


    Standard Black Sintra

    Our Standard Black Sintra backing is an acid free PVC backing is an acid free PVC backing that is suitable for archival mounting. It comes with a recessed back mounting frame for hanging.This frame also gives a floating look to your artwork when it is hanging on the wall.


    I began this piece in the prophetic style (abstract) choosing the colours and applying them in what some might call a random fashion but which I prefer to call a “Holy Spirit-led” fashion.  I do this to allow the river of creativity within me to flow out like a river of living water.    Stepping back from the canvas I next, “look to see what He is saying” by prayerfully considering which elements of the piece stand out as having a particular form or meaning.  What I see is shaped by the rich deposit of His Word stored in my heart and by what I know of His nature and His ways through my personal walk with Him.  I am always amazed when the penny drops and I “see” what it is that is taking shape.   Sometimes, as was the case with GOLGOTHA, there are breathtaking moments when you are surprised by the beauty of the Lord in the very act of creating.   The name GOLGOTHA came to mind when I considered the skulls which clearly formed on the canvas at the very beginning.   There are several figures in this piece representing those who surrounded Jesus in the final moments of life.   Look closely at the cross and you will see that there are in fact two of figures at his side.


    Free Shipping in the USA and Canada

    We ship via UPS and within Canada & United States.  A tracking number will be provided by email to give you the ability to track your order throughout the shipping process. All items are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit.  Average shipping/delivery time is between 2-5 days (once your finished order leaves their facility).


    International Shipping is available.   Please request a quote.



    Our guarantee is simple, if for any reason you are unhappy with the production quality of the materials used we will replace or fix it at our cost.  This includes defects such as scratches and fading.


    We use a 100% colour calibrated workflow however due to the huge variety of monitors used to view images we cannot guarantee that the colour and density you view on your monitor will exactly match the final print. 


    Order Cancellation
    Your order may be cancelled, and a full refund issued as long as your order has not gone into production.  Our production times vary and can commence anywhere from an hour after receiving your order to several days.  If you must cancel your order, please contact ASAP