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 I began this piece in the prophetic style (abstract) choosing the colours and applying them in what some might call a random fashion but which I prefer to call a “Holy Spirit-led” fashion.  I do this to allow the river of creativity within me to flow out like a river of living water.    Stepping back from the canvas I next, “look to see what He is saying” by prayerfully considering which elements of the piece stand out as having a particular form or meaning.  What I see is shaped by the rich deposit of His Word stored in my heart and by what I know of His nature and His ways through my personal walk with Him.  I am always amazed when the penny drops and I “see” what it is that is taking shape.   Sometimes, as was the case with GOLGOTHA, there are breathtaking moments when you are surprised by the beauty of the Lord in the very act of creating.   The name GOLGOTHA came to mind when I considered the skulls which clearly formed on the canvas at the very beginning.   There are several figures in this piece representing those who surrounded Jesus in the final moments of life.   Look closely at the cross and you will see that there are in fact two of figures at his side.


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