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Clean, borderless, vibrant glass like surface acrylic wall prints feature light refracting effects that brighten and enrich the image colors and subject matter. The perfect choice for brilliant images.




SKU: APO201808
  • Our facemount to acrylic process is like nothing else being offered on the market today.  The facemount to acrylic process enhances vibrant colours, accentuates clear crisp details, and adds a three dimensional look second to none.  


    Each image is printed using a genuine smooth gloss paper designed specifically for the facemount process.  The print is then mounted between framing grade acrylic and a protective backing where a recessed frame is applied for hanging, literally giving the impression that the artwork is floating off the wall.



    Premium DiBond Back

    Our premium DiBond backing is an archival aluminum composite sheet. It gives tremendous rigidity to your artwork and has a high end look and feel. As with our standard Sintra backing we mount a recessed frame for hanging.