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Acrylic on canvas

20 x 16 (.5 inches deep standard wrap)





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  • Luke 9:27-40

    The Passion Translation 
    27 But I promise you this: there are some of you standing here right now who will not die until you have witnessed the presence and the power of God’s kingdom realm.”


    The True Glory of Jesus
    28 Eight days later, Jesus took Peter, Jacob, and John and climbed a high mountain to pray. 29 As he prayed, his face began to glow until it was a blinding glory streaming from him. His entire body was illuminated with a radiant glory. His brightness[b] became so intense that it made his clothing blinding white, like multiple flashes of lightning.

    30–31 All at once, two men appeared in glorious splendor: Moses and Elijah. They spoke with Jesus about his soon departure[c] from this world and the things he was destined to accomplish in Jerusalem.

    32 Peter and his companions had become very drowsy, but they became fully awake when they saw the glory and splendor of Jesus standing there and the two men with him.

    33 As Moses and Elijah were about to return to heaven, Peter impetuously blurted out, “Master, this is amazing to see the three of you together! Why don’t we stay here and set up three shelters: one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah?”

    34 While Peter was still speaking, a radiant cloud of glory formed above them and overshadowed them. As the glory cloud enveloped them, they were struck with fear. 35 Then the voice of God thundered from within the cloud, “This is my Son, my Beloved One.[d] Listen carefully to all he has to say.”

    36 When the thunderous voice faded away and the cloud disappeared, Jesus was standing there alone. Peter, Jacob, and John were speechless and awe-struck. But they didn’t say a word to anyone about what they had seen.