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     "It is stunning ... I loved it. ...I loved DELUGE because it captured what’s in my heart regarding the tsunami that’s coming, the tsunami of glory.

But I loved all of your stuff. I saw the glory in that initial things  that sort of kept bubbling, moving and sparkling. It was effervescent.

...awesome work that you were doing and it’s only going to explode. ... God’s going to light up your paintings. " 

                                                               Barbara J. Yoder,

Author & International conference speaker

What people are saying...

     "Anne Reid has been gifted by God with a special ability to translate the images of heaven, the visions of God’s heart, and the activity of the Spirit into masterpieces that directly touch the human spirit.  God has used her as a conduit of the Holy Spirit to release life and colour on canvas that brings revelation of Heavenly realities."


                                                               Faith Marie Baczko, Author & Founder, Headstone Ministries


     "And I heard the Lord say a new stream of creativity is coming to you and it has also to do with colours and even new colours, and that you will see them in heaven, and that you will find a way, the Lord is going to show you a way to bring them here.  And that there is healing in that, and when people see what you’re creating and what you are doing with it that healing will be released, the anointing of the Lord will be on it. " 

                                                               Ingela Larson, Executive director at Secrets of the Horse UK